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Hebrew School


Our Hebrew School is at the center of Jewish Family Life and Learning. We invite students and families to join us in exploring the many ways we live in this world as Jews and as members of the human family. Our school process is one of uncovering and embracing the language, spirituality, ethics and art that fills our Jewish world. Simultaneously, we reflect and celebrate how our Jewish culture deepens our membership in the human family as a whole. There is a dialog between who we are and where and how we live now.

The Monday Program:

Our Monday program is the keystone of our school experience. Monday school is not just a time of learning; it is a community and family building experience. Each class is a family: the sum of the classes is a community. Many of the children your child will meet in the Alef Class (Beginners Level) will travel together through their Bar Mitzvah year and beyond. In essence the school is a little world grounded in Jewish values that reflects all the real complexity of our own world with one difference: we try to prevent or resolve our problems with careful listening, patience, humor and creativity. The most effective learning happens in happy and engaged relationships with teachers and peers: we work long and hard to assure and achieve such relationships.

Method: A great part of building deep connections between students and teachers rests upon proper pedagogical method. Our goal is to use your child’s learning style to optimize his or her enjoyment and mastery of any school content area. Hence every class experience will have a variety of different activities that promote the success of children who may have talents beyond the cognitive–verbal skills so stressed in primary schools. For example, Hebrew can be learned with games, singing, art, even cooking. And with our very small classes   (1-8 children) and 1 to 4 staff to child ratio, all students are cherished for who they are, not only what they can do.


The schedule for each Monday session includes:

3:15-3:40 Communal Meal: We begin each session with a healthy snack, including proteins and fruits or vegies. Through blessings, songs, stories and conversation we are introduced to the theme of the day, the seasonal holidays or the work of community.  

3:50-4:10pm: Tefillah (Prayer time): Each student is invited into the sacred space of the synagogue with our Rabbi to connect to our prayer traditions, and to learn to listen for the “small still voice” that still resonates today. Our children love to learn prayer, and we treat this learning as ritualized drama. Do come and enjoy their learning in family services, which are always led in part by our students.   

4:10- 5 pm Hebrew Time: Students break out into classes with their age cohort to focus on Jewish literacy and Hebrew reading skills. Hebrew reading is taught with a multiplicity of modalities including on line learning. But our especial concern is to link everyday ways of Jewish living with real everyday worldly life. Interfaith programs, Tikkun Olam(social action) and special Shabbat and holiday programming embody our learning. And don’t forget having fun together!

4:50-5:25pm: Special Projects: We frequently wind down day with electives (cooking, art, music and book group are some favorites) or a group project that further engages children with themes of the day. 

5:25-5:30Standing on one foot: Parents are invited for a brief closing circle to reflect on the days learning before returning home. 

Children with Special Needs: Our core teaching philosophy is that every child has needs different from any other child. Some children have needs more exceptional than others, and within the limits of our facility and staffing, we strive to meet them. We have never turned a child away, but we do need parental help in planning and goal setting for the exceptional child. Do not hesitate to ask us for help.

Tuition and Fees/ Synagogue Membership: Our annual tuition fee for the year 2015-2016 is $825 per year. Payments may be made in installments over the year, by check or credit card. Synagogue membership is strongly encouraged. We do understand that these costs can be difficult for a young family. Hence we will work with you around costs. No child goes without a Jewish education here, and no family is turned away from membership for want of funds. 




Please contact Hebrew School Director,Shelley Lichtrenstein for more information: [email protected], or 631-725-0904 x2