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What is a Chavurah?

A Chavurah (from the word for “friend” in Hebrew––plural Chavurot) is a small group of families, couples, or individuals who share common interests and a desire to meet together on a regular basis to develop an intimate Jewish community within the Temple Adas Israel membership. A Chavurah enables each group to share experiences in an "extended family" setting. These friendship circles serve to enrich and deepen relationships among members of Temple Adas Israel. They do not replace other events at the synagogue; on the contrary, they supplement and support the synagogue’s social, religious, and intellectual activities. 

What does a Chavurah do?

Some Chavurot are essentially social groups – like Senior Singles, or Young Families groups, while others may concentrate more on study – Kabbalah classes anyone? – or other subjects of mutual interest: reading (a book club), writing, art, sports, travel, food, music, photography, bicycling, nature…the list is limited only by your shared pursuits!

 How do I join a Chavurah group?

Participation in the Chavurah program is open to all Temple Adas Israel members. Generally, each Chavurah meets once a month. The activity/event, place, day, and time of the meeting is determined by the group. There is no Chavurah membership fee.

If you are interested in joining a Chavurah related to any topic of your personal interest, please email the Temple office at [email protected]. Let us know what kind of group you’re interested in joining and we’ll match up the groups – as well as providing some guidelines for for getting your Chavurah started.

Current Chavurot and Their Contacts:

Jewish Humor: Celia and Steve ([email protected])

Nature & Outdoor Activities: Jordana Sobey ([email protected])

LGBT: Debra Lobel ([email protected])

Dance: [email protected]

Film: Eileen Moskowitz ([email protected])

Visiting the Sick: Rachel Rudansky ([email protected]).

At the Elizabeth MNorton Wildlife Reserve

Feeding Chickadees at the Elizabeth Morton Widlife Reserve